To provide professional, qualified, independent lighting design, to meet individual project requirements, by utilizing best practice product and solutions to satisfy specifications, aesthetics and budget demands.

  • Lighting is about giving definition to a space by using light as the main medium of expression. We understand that lighting design is vital in effortlessly creating customer satisfaction whilst enhancing their experience. We believe in the need to create sustainable and engaging environments that support comfort and personalized experiences.
  • Our turnkey - design, specify, systems, supply approach was established in the UK by our founder - Operating with a unique, integrated route to market - serving architects, designers, developers, end clients, consultants and installers, at every stage of the project.
  • Always striving to achieve a symbiosis of light and architecture. The best environments occur when light is embedded into the architectural process rather than applied as an added entity to perform a task or compete with the integral environment.
  • Our aim to deliver added value with quality and energy efficient solutions while exceeding International standards for technical efficiency and commercial criteria.


Working closely with our clients and their nominated design teams to explore, research and refine designs to ensure they are technically robust, compliant and affordable. Developing the lighting brief with our clients is a fundamental part of the process leading to creative and successful solutions.

  • We strongly believe in the power of collaboration to bring about the best solutions via a development philosophy. The project is as important as the deliverable imaginative ideas behind it. We believe that we should not be restricted by recommendations and regulations - but challenge, exceed, and create through the discipline of our process.
  • We act as one team for the benefit of the overall project rather than treat each design discipline as specialist and unique to you. This includes how we communicate information to a client, their design team and the end user – to ensure best practice in design and value.