KSA Jubail 2nd Energy Management Conference 2019

the premier event that brings together industry, government and academic interests in an effort to improve the state of Energy Management in Saudi Arabia. The conference is designed to provide hands-on, up-to-the-minute information you can use right away to improve your energy management program and get up to speed on the current generation of innovative technologies available to help you meet your goals.

Conference Sessions:

Smart cities: How will innovation in energy drive sustainable cities
Cities represent three quarters of energy consumption worldwide. To cope with the continued urban growth new ways to manage cities and make them more effective become necessity. The convergence between digital technology and the world of energy, or Energy 3.0, will pave the way for a new ecosystem of services which will enable both a better quality of life and reduced energy consumption.
Energy Efficiency Policies and Standards
Energy efficiency policies and programs can help drive the implementation of projects that minimize or reduce energy use during the operation of a system or machine and/or production of good or service:
– Appliance Standards
– Building Codes
– Decoupling and Utility Business Models
– Education and Behavior Modification
– Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure
– Energy Efficiency Resource Standards
– Financial Incentives and Programs
– Industry Outreach and Coalitions
– Strategic Energy Management and Continuous Improvement
– Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

Industrial Energy Management (IEM): Strategies and Solutions
For today’s industrial companies, energy management is becoming more and more of a focal point. With pressures to improve performance in cost, efficiency, and other areas, many executives are looking to the benefits of Industrial Energy Management (IEM) strategies and solutions. This session focuses on showing how IEM can improve operating margins, reduce impacts to the environment, and improve overall business performance.

Energy Management and Energy Optimization in the Process Industry
This session provides an overview of energy management for the process industries, covering efficiency improvement opportunities in a wide range of utility systems and process equipment types, as well as techniques to improve process design and operation. The session will include, success stories from companies that have achieved excellence in their energy management efforts.