Reynard Lighting provides a full lighting and control design service. We integrate bespoke products and systems with dedicated or building wide lighting control systems.

We liaise closely with our customers to ensure their lighting control objectives are achieved.

Providing various types of lighting control systems, all are modular in nature and utilize simple connectivity making them very flexible and easy to install.

Each system ensures optimum energy efficiency and user comfort, whilst meeting all the legislative requirements in place for new and existing buildings.

Systems refers to the co-ordination, integration of both lighting and supporting lighting control within an interior space to optimize visual impact, client usability or energy control and management.

Lighting systems can be lighting specific ensuring continuous visual features are specified with significant quality and performance to enhance the interior concept and visual experience.

We can expertly integrate lighting features, bespoke lighting products, indirect stretch material or individual light boxes – all with dedicated lighting control systems, co-ordinated to ensure visual appeal and performance is optimized.